A Direct Primary Care Doctor and Patient

What is Direct Primary Care?

If you’re wondering “What is Direct Primary Care?” you should know that it’s not a new concept. It’s been around since the mid-2000s and has become increasingly popular ever since. This is likely because Direct Primary Care (DPC) is much more straightforward than traditional health insurance and is more affordable if you only need basic medical care. 

Direct Primary Care is a unique business model that allows doctors and patients to work together directly, without an insurance company in the middle. In exchange for a monthly or annual fee, patients have access to a full range of primary care services included in the membership. Any extra cost of care like labs, medication and imaging are disclosed before you are charged so you never get a surprise bill.

It’s also what Ark Family Health excels at. We are dedicated to your health, and our goal is to provide our patients with a more affordable, convenient, and accessible option for their healthcare. We have a team of family doctors in Phoenix that are ready to help you enjoy improved health with lowered costs, making your healthcare a priority for you. Our innovative primary care membership program keeps your healthcare costs affordable and predictable, so you enjoy better health without surprise bills.

How Does Direct Primary Care Work?

As a whole, Direct Primary Care is an independent financial agreement made between a DPC doctor and a patient. Instead of having to file a claim for every visit, test, or treatment, you’ll work directly with your doctor to pay for your services. 

Ark Family Health operates under a direct primary care model and strives to give you five times better care, all while helping you save money. We eliminate the middleman and do not use insurance. Our providers are responsible for about a fifth of the number of patients compared to a traditional family practice. This means you receive personal attention and better access to your medical team.

All it takes is one simple monthly subscription that costs about the same as a gym membership. With Ark Family Health, you never pay for procedures or have to manage copays. Labs, medication and imaging are also available at wholesale costs.

Because we don’t bill insurance, we don’t need to pay people to deal with all that confusing paperwork. We also require less staff to move patients through the office and answer phones. Those decreases help keep your membership affordable while we increase the amount of care we give to each patient.

What is Direct Primary Care? It is a model that puts you at the center of your healthcare. We offer primary care directly to you, without any middleman or insurance to bill.

As a member of our community, you pay one low monthly fee and enjoy all of these benefits. Your primary care and wellness care are all included with your monthly fee, and you can always see a doctor when you need to.

To get more answers to your questions about direct primary care, read our FAQs.

What’s it Like Being a Direct Care Patient?

What is direct primary care patient care like? It’s like having a doctor in the family – one you can call at any hour of the day or night. You are able to correspond with your provider via text, Twitter, Skype, email, or the traditional phone call if you prefer. Spend as much time with your doctor as you’d like and ask all the questions that come to mind – without feeling rushed. With a stronger focus on the full aim of medicine, your Direct Care physician’s primary concern is you! And that’s the way it should be.

The membership fee allows you to only pay for the services you need when you need them. You don’t have to get rid of your health insurance altogether, but by finding an insurance plan that complements your Direct Care membership, you can save more than the cost of your membership when all is said and done. Our team at Ark Family Health will work with you to find that happy medium.

Explore direct primary care for individuals and families or for businesses.

Is Direct Primary Care Worth It?

Having a physician that you trust makes navigating the current healthcare system much more manageable. Unfortunately, rising insurance rates, copays, and deductibles make it difficult for many individuals and families to seek the kind of help they want and need within their network. The traditional healthcare sector has not evolved to meet the demands of the majority, which is why many people are switching over to the DPC model. 

Overall, the cost of a direct primary care membership is less expensive than many traditional health insurance plans and offers greater access to your physician. If you are looking for primary care, DPC is a great option. However, if you have a complex, chronic disease, it’s beneficial to look at both insurance and DPC to make sure that you’re getting everything you need for a healthy lifestyle.


Here are some of the benefits of Direct Primary Care that Ark Family Health provides:

  • 24/7 accessibility to your medical team: Same day or next day appointments (for urgent needs), 24/7 phone, text, and video-enabled access (telehealth visits)
  • Extended visit times: DPC physicians spend an average of 30 to 60 minutes with their patients during each visit
  • Wholesale prescriptions, labs and imaging: DPC saves you money on the services it offers
  • Transparent costs: The flat membership fee allows you to schedule doctor visits with no hidden costs
  • House calls on special occasions

How Direct Primary Care Works with Health Insurance

While Direct Primary Care makes 80% of your healthcare needs affordable and transparent, we encourage all our patients to be protected against the rare expensive events that require more specialized treatment. One option you might be familiar with is a high deductible health plan (HDHP). This is an insurance plan that helps patients cover hospitalization charges, emergency care visits, surgeries, and chronic diseases like cancer or diabetes. Other options include health sharing plans, or indemnity plans like Aflac. Let us know if you’d like more help understanding your options and we will connect you with trusted partners. 

Finding the right direct primary care provider is the best way to maximize your benefits and reduce any of the shortcomings in your coverage. Although Ark Family Health is a DPC provider that offers a monthly membership that covers patient visits and many common in-house labs, if you need outside labs, tests, and prescriptions, we offer discounted rates for our patients. While we feel confident that we can help manage roughly 80% of your healthcare needs, we still recommend that our patients have Major Medical/Catastrophic Insurance for emergencies and surgeries.

Explore Employer Options with Ark Family Health

Direct Primary Care isn’t just for families and individuals; it also works for businesses. Ark Family Health has business plans available to business owners who want to offer our innovative direct care model to their employees. Explore our direct primary care business plans to see how your team members can benefit from our attention and affordability.

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Now that we’ve answered your question “What is direct primary care?” and you know we offer more attentiveness, accessibility, and affordability, you understand how Direct Primary Care can offer a unique healthcare option. Explore our membership plans today, and see the difference that Direct Primary Care can make in helping you manage your healthcare costs.