Dr. Angela Felix family medicine doctor in Peoria

Dr. Angela Felix

Internal Medicine Doctor, Peoria, AZ

Hi, I’m Dr. Felix.

As an internal medicine doctor in Peoria, AZ, I like to approach patients with kindness and understanding. I believe a relationship based on this foundation helps to grow the physician/patient relationship and will ultimately lead to the best patient care.

As many of you have learned, I truly care for each patient and treat them like family. I know being a physician is my calling in life and I do the best I can serving others by doing this. My motto is: the better I get to know each patient, the better I can diagnose and take care of them.

In 2021, I was honored to be voted a Top Doc in Phoenix magazine by my peers.

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    My Story

    I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Northwestern Wisconsin in a town so small, there wasn’t a single stoplight. There, I developed my values and strong work ethic. Growing up, I never considered becoming a doctor because no one in my town became a doctor. It didn’t seem like something that was realistic.

    I loved the sun and warm weather, so I decided to move to Phoenix to attend college at Grand Canyon University. This is where I developed a strong faith in God and learned that becoming a doctor was not only obtainable but was my passion and calling. Upon completion of four years of medical study in Iowa, I couldn’t wait to get back to the Valley of the Sun. I completed my residency in internal medicine at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital (now Banner University Medical Center) and the VA hospital.

    In 2012, I joined a practice called Thunderbird Internal Medicine (now called Village Medical). There, I truly discovered my passion for great patient care. In 2021, I transitioned to Ark Family Health in order to provide the kind of care that aligns with my values.


    • Bachelor of Human Biology, Grand Canyon University
    • Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy, Des Moines University

    Medical Interests

    I chose to be a direct primary care physician in Peoria, AZ, at Ark Family Health for several reasons, including having more time with patients, which affords me the opportunity to provide better care for my patients; the freedom to not allow insurance companies, Medicare, or anybody else dictate what is discussed and done at each office visit; and increased access for patients to see me when they need to.


    When I'm not with patients, I like to relax and boogie board, travel and hike.