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Ark Family Health, Specializing in Direct Primary Care in Phoenix

If you’ve been frustrated by a visit to your family doctor in Phoenix, you’re not alone. It was frustration and disappointment that led Dr. Kendrick Johnson to found Ark Family Health. He chose family medicine because of a deep caring for others and a desire to help them. But after his residency, while working in a traditional, insurance-based practice, Dr. Kendrick found that the current system placed obstacles in front of quality and prevention.

From that experience, he began searching for a medical practice model that put patients first. He found his answer in Direct Primary Care. In 2016, Dr. Kendrick founded Ark Family Health to provide better, more affordable primary care to Phoenix.

Core Values

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Loving Kidnesss

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Health and Happiness

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Honest Humility

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Affordable Equality

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Ark Family Health doctors and nurse practitioner a direct primary practice in Phoenix

What is Direct Primary Care?

In a direct primary care (DPC) practice, members pay a small monthly fee to receive care. Though it’s not meant to be a replacement for health insurance, DPC practices don’t accept or bill a patient’s insurance for care. Most services are included in your monthly fee and those that aren’t covered are available at reduced rates. By eliminating the paperwork and administration needed for working with insurance providers, direct primary care physicians are able to offer better and more affordable care.

Join Our Growing Family

In 2016, we opened our doors, offering direct primary care in Phoenix with one location in Peoria and two doctors on our team. Since then, we’ve grown to multiple locations and providers, including internal and family medicine doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. All of our team members were chosen because their values align with the practice, are knowledgeable and experienced, and display honest humility and loving kindness in all that they do.

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Meet Our Team Providing Direct Primary Care in Phoenix

We are a team of direct primary care physicians, NPs and PAs who are passionate about patient care. By getting to know you, we're able to deliver superior care. And, through our innovative direct care model, we're able to make this level of care accessible to all of Phoenix Metro from Peoria to Gilbert.

Dr. Kendrick Johnson family doctor in Phoenix
Dr. Kendrick Johnson

I help my patients to take control of their healthcare while creating a healthy lifestyle.

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Hema Kaladeen nurse practitioner in Peoria
Hema Kaladeen, NP

I enjoy building relationships with my patients and helping them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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Dr. Jeremy Bramwell family medicine doctor Peoria
Dr. Jeremy Bramwell

I partner with and empower my patients to make goals and decisions that promote health.

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Dr. Angela Felix family medicine doctor in Peoria
Dr. Angela Felix

I believe that a relationship based on kindness and understanding leads to the best patient care.

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Will Craghead physician's assistant in Gilbert
Will Craghead, PA

I believe it's essential that we treat ourselves like someone we are responsible for taking care of.

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