Attract and Retain the Best Employees with an Innovative Approach to Healthcare

Direct Primary Care Business Memberships for Phoenix Businesses of All Sizes

Regardless of industry or size, all businesses face two common struggles: finding/keeping great people and affordably providing the comprehensive healthcare coverage they want. More and more, companies of all sizes are turning to a new model of healthcare delivery to address these issues. Direct Primary Care Business memberships are an innovative and affordable solution that will set you apart and get employees excited.

Businesses choose Ark Family Health because we provide the best care in town for $75 per employee per month. Our Direct Primary Care memberships offer an affordable and attractive healthcare option for employees and, in some cases, also reduce overall expenses.

$75 / Month
$150 / Month
$190 / Month

Is Direct Primary Care Right for Your Business?

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Incentives in the Sick-Care System are the Problem

Because healthcare (more like sick-care) corporations make more money when people are sick, the money business owners like you are spending on healthcare is not going to keep your people well or avoid more expense for you in the future. That’s why business owners see the cost of care go up each year without providing any more value to you or your people.

People are More Important Than Money

The healthcare industry is supposed to help people, but unfortunately it has been intentionally and unintentionally corrupted. Your health and your business are too important for us to allow the system to cheat you and your employees out of their health. You can’t  afford to allow more and more of your hard earned revenue to be siphoned off each year.

There is a Better Way

Like you, we are frustrated that profits are prioritized over people, and that nothing seems to change. We took an oath to our patients to “Do No Harm,” and we believe everybody deserves access to affordable and quality care.

While working within the sick-care system, we found a way for patients and their doctors to escape the corrupt game.

At Ark Family Health, we’ve separated our practice from the sick-care system’s way of doing business by creating a direct relationship with our patients. We have the knowledge and skills to meet 80-90% of your employees’ healthcare needs, right in our office.

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How Direct Primary Care Benefits Businesses

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Health Insurance and Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care isn’t meant to replace group health insurance. Insurance plans built around direct primary care can protect against catastrophic problems while Direct Primary Care takes care of the daily healthcare needs of your team. We’ll keep them healthy and happy with their benefits, which makes your insurance options more affordable.

With the ever-increasing cost of health insurance, you might wonder if DPC is worth the extra expense. The short answer is yes, for two reasons:

  • Lower Costs

    Because we don’t bill insurance and we see fewer patients than a traditional medical practice, we have lower operating costs. We don’t need to pay people to handle billing, man the phones and shuffle patients in and out of the office. And best of all, we pass this savings along to our members. For businesses, Direct Primary Care memberships can save up to 30% on the cost of healthcare.

  • Better Care = More Profitability

    DPC not only saves on costs, it also helps your business be more profitable! That’s right; employees are more productive when they don’t have to worry about the cost of getting sick — and they miss less work when they’re healthy. A happier, healthier work environment also makes it easier to attract and retain the best talent.

Don’t Just Be a Great Boss — Be a Hero!

Employers like you are saving the day by helping employees escape the sick-care system. Let’s prevent health benefits from being a sore subject. Instead, let’s turn them into something your employees brag about! You and your team receive excellent care, while simultaneously helping fix the broken sick-care system by opting for something better.

To start the process, use the form below to tell us about your business. Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll reach out to discuss Direct Primary Care Business Membership.